St Andrews market prides itself on a variety of fresh, handmade, recycled, creative, and interesting goods.

Food and consumable products:

Refer to casual stalls/ food-related as we have restrictions and council regulations apply. You must have written committee approval before attending with any such items.


Items not permitted:

  • Multi level marketing & party plan items
  • Commercially produced clothing & manchester
  • Imported mass produced jewellery & accessories
  • Fake or unlicensed products
  • Second hand electrical goods
  • Animals and livestock are excluded by council regulations


The Market committee reserves the right to refuse entry and stalls can be denied at the discretion of the committee.

To avoid disappointment we recommend you confirm if the products you intend to sell are suitable. This can be done via email or by visiting the market and discussing your ideas with a committee member.

**If you misrepresent your products or services this may result in expulsion from the market.

On busy market days, preference is given to products that are unique and different so if someone else is selling it unfortunately it may mean you will not be accepted.