Busking sites around the market: You may set up to busk in vacant stall sites or spots that do not obstruct stalls, market events, nor block pathways or roads.  If unsure please confirm with a member of the market committee regarding the suitability of a site.

Busking Under the Hall Veranda: To busk in front of the hall please write your name on the signup sheet.

  • Solo acts may book a 30 minute time slot.
  • Acts consisting of two or more musicians may book 1 hour (two consecutive 30 minute time slots).

Do not book every single time slot to play under the hall.

Unplugged: Acoustic musicians are welcome as we are looking for background music only.

Amplification: is permitted provided it is battery powered and the volume is kept at a level which allows stall holders and patrons to communicate without having to raise their voices.

Volume: MUST be at a level that allows stall holders and patrons to communicate at a regular conversation level.

**You must turn down / off if requested due to interfering with the market.

Share the love: After 30 minutes buskers must move to a different site.

Respect for those already busking: Don’t set up within earshot of another act. Use common sense and courtesy.

Respect for those waiting to busk: Once your set is finished please allow any waiting buskers to set up immediately by clearing your gear to the side before packing up.

Busking under Hall Veranda

Session times: 9am, 9.30am, 10am, 10.30am,  11am, 11.30am ,12pm , 12.30pm 1,pm & 1.30 pm (Session time includes any setting or packing up that may be required.)

** Solo musicians: Are limited to 30 minute slots only under the hall veranda. Acts consisting of two or more people may book one hour sessions.

Variety: Buskers may perform more than one session under the hall per market but not in back to back slots. Buskers can rotate around the market, if sites are available, between veranda sessions.

**You must turn down / off if requested due to interfering with the market. This is not up for debate.

Hall area vacant: If area in front of the hall is vacant and you don’t have a booking as long as you have not busked in the slot previously its ok to put your name down and commence busking.

Compatibility: If you agree with the above then we would love you to come along and entertain us.

Harmony: Not following the above may prevent you from busking at the market.

Feedback or concerns may be put in writing and sent to the market committee.

Market contact info: standrewsmarket@yahoo.com.au or Po Box 199 St Andrews Vic 3761