Stall Holder Information

  • Hours:  9am -2pm every Saturday except on days of Total fire ban.
  • How to book a stall: We don’t pre-book casual stalls, you need to sign in by 7.45 am Saturday morning.
  • Sign on sheets: are located in front of the hall each Saturday morning between: 7.30 am-7.45am
  • Stall allocations: Commence at 8am with preference given to handmade, long term casuals, locals and those with something unique or different.
  • Stall cost:  $25  cash only and please bring the correct amount.
  • Late arrivals: We charge a late fee of $35 to those who arrive  after 8.30 am. This is to encourage everyone to be punctual and eliminate volunteers attending to late arrivals.
  • Non-payment: All stalls must have a receipt before setting up or unloading items within the market. No receipt / payment will result in having to leave the market.
  • Will you get a site? Busy markets such as X-mas we can’t guarantee, but those that attend on a regular basis or are flexible in how they set up will always get a site.
  • Items available for hire: NO items including tables or chairs are available for hire.
  • Vehicles in the market: NO vehicles / trailers are permitted during market hours.

Product restrictions: Not all items are suitable or may be restricted. These include:

  • Multi level marketing & party plan items
  • Commercially produced clothing & Manchester **Second hand items excluded and ok to bring along.
  • Imported mass produced jewellery & accessories
  • Fake or unlicensed products
  • Second hand electrical goods
  • Animals and livestock are excluded by council regulations

If unsure, email or visit the market and speak to a committee member as market committee does reserve the right to refuse entry or request stalls to leave.

Food and consumable products:

You must have written permission from committee to sell food or consumable items.  Please note only non perishable consumable items will be considered. Local council enforce Streatrader registration for all committee approved food and consumable items and you must email approved dates before attending. There are limited vacancies for takeaway food stalls.

General information to be familiar with on market day:

  • When you have a receipt and  paid for your stall: wait to the right of the hall for a volunteer to help you find a site.
  • Once a site is selected: Place your receipt under a rock etc to secure. If you don’t another stall may take the site and you needing to locate another.
  • Items listed on sign on sheets: Must match what you sell. Listing as handmade means by you. If items are not as described you may be asked to remove them.
  • Stall sites: Must not to be exceeded and you must stay within your site boundary. You need written committee approval to wander the market with information / flyers.
  • Canopy sites: All canopies must be side by side with no gaps and pegged /secure at all times or you will be asked to remove. Our largest site is 3 x 3 meters.
  • A-frames: In walkways are a safety hazard to patrons and must remain within stalls.
  • Spruiking: is prohibited in any form. You can only engage and promote to those who approach your stall.
  • Trading outside or around the edges of the market is prohibited by local council.
  • Plants & trees: Must not to be used to secure stalls or picked for decoration.
  • Recorded music: Is not allowed during market hours.
  • Rubbish: Please remove all rubbish from around your stall even if it’s not yours.
  • Parking: Consider customers and do not to park around the edge of the market.
  • Extreme weather: Market is located in the central district area and we recommend you refer to CFA and local weather warnings during high risk times before attending.

To assist with traffic congestion within the market:

You are unable to bring cars or unload in the market area prior to your site allocation. Cars entering the market must give way to cars exiting at all times. Unload your car as quickly as possible and remove from market site. Do not set up your stall while your car is still in the market. Follow the reverse at the end of the day: only stalls packed and ready to load can enter at 2pm. Those packing directly into vehicles must wait until 2.30pm to enter. Volunteers: Market is run by volunteers and we ask that you be patient and flexible. Follow these simple steps to allow us to allow you to have a great day at St Andrews