St Andrews market Summer Newsletter 2018 (also on market website)

New market start time

With the success of the 9am start time during winter the majority at this year’s AGM voted in favour of continuing with the later start time indefinitely. Casual allocations now commence at 8am and all permanent stalls without current committee approval MUST have vehicles out by 8am to assist with traffic. NO CARS ARE TO BE ON SITE AFTER 9AM

Twilight market

Tuesday December 11th between 4pm – 9-pm with a visit from Santa @7pm. This is a major project and we thank everyone who has volunteered to help both prior to and on the night. All cars must be out of the market by 3.45pm and no cars allowed back in until 10.00pm. CFA will be assisting with traffic so please follow instructions they give as they want to help get us all out safe and as quickly as possible. Hopefully mother nature is kinder this year 😊

Fee increase

The market has had no increase in stall fees for over 10 years. Unfortunately, all our operating expenses continue to increase each year so we have to now raise our fees.

Commencing January 2019 Casual fees will be increased and then in April fees for permanents will be increased as follows:

  • Casual stalls currently $15 will increase to $20 per stall
  • Charity / kids stalls currently $1 will increase to $5 per stall
  • Permanent sites currently $75 per quarter are increasing to $100 per quarter
  • Permanents who have sites larger than 3m x 3m will increase according to size.
  • Food stalls will be notified individually by committee of their increased fee

The increase for most permanents is less than $2 per week, however if anyone is unable to pay the increased amount in April please speak to committee so we can arrange a suitable payment plan. We hope you understand that we have avoided the increase for as long as possible and that the increase is reasonable especially when compared to other markets.

Plastic free market.

Thanks to the stalls who have reviewed single use plastic they were using and replaced with alternative recyclable or biodegradable options where possible. It’s never too late, so those yet to review refer to or similar sites for ideas on how to reduce your plastic footprint. We hope all stalls and patrons embrace the challenge to remove all single use plastic and to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

St Andrews market reusable bags

Reusable bags with the market logo are available for $5 and selling fast. Be sure to get one while you can as they are a great way to reduce the amount of plastic used and promote the market. Bags are located throughout the market and are also a great gift idea.

St Andrews market Spring 2018 Newsletter

AGM :The 2018 AGM is booked for September 22nd @ 3.30pm in the hall. On the agenda is the option to vote on keeping a 9am start time, or reverting back to 8am during daylight savings.

The 9am start time introduced this winter, has been a success with both casuals and permanents who have increased attendance and we want to maintain this over summer. The added bonus has been a reduction in traffic congestion in the morning as the permanents have cars out before casual allocations commence.

To vote at the AGM you must be an association member and membership fee paid.

Twilight market :This year’s market is Tuesday December 11th.  As always, it’s a major project to get this up and running so if you are able to help in anyway please speak to a committee member. Hopefully mother nature will be kinder with the weather his year 😊

Plastic free market: We ask all stalls to review any single use plastic they are currently using and where possible replace with recyclable or biodegradable options.

Refer to or similar sites for ideas on how to reduce your plastic footprint. We hope all stalls embrace the challenge to remove all single use plastic and to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

St Andrews market reusable bags :Reusable bags with market logo are now available for $5 and are a great way to both reduce the amount of plastic used and to promote the market. Bags are located throughout the market and a big thank you to those stalls who are volunteering to help sell them.

Advertising : RRR radio advertising is again booked for the upcoming school holidays as well as free kid’s activities each weekend of the holidays. If you use social media remember to like and share market posts and to include us in your posts when at the market.

Maintenance Levy: The response from stalls volunteering for a task to assist within the market or preferring to pay the annual maintenance levy on time has been fantastic.

Volunteers are what keeps us a community market and levy payments are going towards additional advertising. Whichever you decide is fine, however If you are one of the few stalls yet to volunteer or make payment please do so ASAP.  Our market needs you!

St Andrews Market Winter 2018 Newsletter

Winter activities:

RRR radio advertising is again booked for the upcoming school holidays as well as free kid’s activities each weekend of the holidays. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered and donated items for the Mother’s Day festival and hamper. There was also Ten free 15-minute massages provided by Carol that were funded by first of the month freebies. It was a great community market effort.

 Plastic bag free market:

Locals residents helped launch boomerang bags into the market the first weekend in June. The response from patrons was great and Don / Fruit truck is our first stall to volunteer to have a drop off/take from tub at his stall. If you are interested in having a tub at your stall please let us know as it would be great to have two or three drop/ collection points within the market. Remember to bring any spare cloth bags you are not using and contribute to the project. Calico bags with the market logo will also be available for purchase mid – late June.

 Maintenance Levy increase:

Volunteers will be collecting the 2018/19 maintenance levy in July which has increased to $100. The increased fee will be put towards more radio advertising. Permanents that volunteer within the market, will not be required to pay. If you would like to volunteer rather than pay the maintenance levy, ask the committee for a list of jobs. eg. Traffic management, first aid, toilet paper monitor.

NEW STALL STATUS –   Semi-Permanent stall.

We are introducing a new stall status which we hope better suits some of our current permanents. The new status is for those who are no longer able to attend the minimum required, to remain a traditional permanent but, still helps them remain part of the market and helps the committee with casual stall allocations. This will also assist in keeping stall fees low and volunteers running the market. The criteria for each stall status within the market is:

Traditional permanent stalls:

  • Attendance on a regular 3 out of 4 weeks each month
  • Notify committee when not attending
  • Option to Volunteer within the market or pay $100 maintenance levy due now.

Semi-permanent stalls:

  • Attend a minimum 20 markets per year
  • Notify committee with a minimum 24 hours’ notice when attending
  • Retain your current site location within the market –if we know you’re coming 
  • $100 Maintenance levy must be paid and 2018/ 2019 is due now.

Priority casual:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to market start time to sign on.
  • Will be allocated a site in the first group called when allocations commence
  • Can select a site when called but no guarantee what sites will be available

We encourage permanents who are unable to attend the minimum amount, to contact the committee to discuss or switch to an option that better suits you. Your status will be changed if no contact or increased attendance is made.

 A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supports, helps and shops each week at the market.

Outside of market hours the committee can be contacted by email:


St Andrews Market – Autumn Newsletter 2018

Autumn is a time for change and committee has exciting changes planned 2018.

New market president.

Corina Horstra is the new market president. Corina will be wandering around the market over the next few weeks saying hello and handing out this newsletter and our market culture flyer. As we know you will understand to enable Corina to run her stall she will only be available during market hours to respond to emergencies within the market. If you have issues you want to discuss with Corina please stop by her stall before 9am to make a suitably convenient time to catch up. A big thank you also to Mabelle for all she has done over the past few years as president. We are sure you are all as glad as we are that she is staying on committee.

Market Hours are changing this winter –  you get to sleep in for an hour!!

Between April and October (Non- day light saving hours) market hours are changing. The Market will open at 9am and continue to finish at 2pm. This means all process will be an hour later including casual allocations which will commence at 8am and cars to be removed by 9am. We hope the later start creates an increase in stall attendance and encourages more visitors during the winter season.

First of the month freebies

Committee are looking for a different stall each month to offer a free product / service on the first weekend of each month.  Committee will pay $150 towards the cost of the fee product / service if your proposal is approved. To find out more chat to committee and or put your proposal in writing to us. We hope stalls come up with some exciting proposals and that “first of the month freebies “’ is another way we can encourage visitors to the market. 

Free kid’s entertainment during school holidays.

We are rolling out free kid’s entertainment each week of all school holiday’s such as face painting, storytelling etc.  Committee has a budget of $150 for each week, so if you or someone you know is interested in providing entertainment please email or chat to us about your ideas. We are also advertising on RRR again in the lead up to school holidays to promote the market.

Boomerang bags

We would love to move towards a plastic free market and are still looking for stall holders willing to help us introduce boomerang bags into the market. If interested in assisting please let us know.

Promoting the Market

If you use Facebook or Instagram remember to like, share and leave positive feedback on the market page.  The more we promote the more we hope to grow.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, regulars will have noticed market patrons and stall holders are down due to all the other markets and festivals on each weekend. We hope some of our changes are the beginning of re generating the market and as always, we welcome any ideas and or assistance you can provide in helping us grow and promote the market.

Market Culture

Everyone who assists within the market are volunteers, and do so at a cost to running their stalls. We need everyone to help to remain a community market and to make all who visit feel welcome. Please familiarise yourself with the market culture flyer to help us to help you. 😊