COVID Safe Plan

Business name: St Andrews Community Market

Plan completed by: Market committee

Date reviewed: 1st November 2020

1. Ensure physical distancing

There is no more than one worker per four square meters of enclosed workspace.

Stalls to mark a safe zone area behind stall if more than one person and they are not from the same household.

All stalls to provide and display on stall a poster confirming: maintain 1.5 distancing at all times

2. Wear a face covering

Stalls attending St Andrews community market MUST provide their own adequate face covering and any personal protective Equipment (PPE) required and wear at all times. If unable to access or run out midway through a market while trading you will be unable to trade for the remainder of the market or until you have sourced additional supplies.

Committee encourage and recommend all stalls that can to install screens or barriers into their stall set up.

Stall set up must take into account appropriate social distancing between stall holders and customers within stalls.

Ensure you have additional PPE to last the whole market. If unable to access or run out midway through market trading you will be unable to trade for the remainder of the market or until you have access to supplies.

3. Practise good hygiene

All stall holders to provide their own appropriate cleaning products that includes disinfectant that enables them to clean surfaces. All stalls are to ensure they have enough to last a whole market. If a stall runs out of cleaning products, they will unable to trade until they have access to more cleaning supplies.

4. Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell

All stall holders have been advised and have confirmed they will stay home and get tested even if they have only mild symptoms.

All stalls understand that if they develop symptoms during a market, they MUST notify the committee and leave the market area ASAP. If a stallholder test positive after being tested they must inform both the market committee and DHHS. ( The committee will also notify DHHS if a stall holder confirms they tested positive with the dates they attended the market and a list of other stallholders in attendance that day)

Stalls must forward name and contact details of all staff in advance to the market committee of who will be assisting on their stall and must ensure they have read and agree to the covid safe plan and temporary conditions.

All stalls on site each market will be recorded as in attendance to assist if and when there is a notification of a stallholder testing positive. All stall holder details will be forwarded to DHHS in the event of a positive case being identified.

If instructed to close due to having a confirmed positive case, all stall holders will be emailed of closure and announcements made on social media. The market will email and promote on social media of the reopen date once confirmed it can re-open.

6.  Create workforce bubbles

Any stalls who have multiple staff must rostered on the same shifts at a single worksite must ensure there is no overlap of workers during shift changes. Stalls must keep records of start and finish times for all stall within their stall

Stalls to notify committee in writing in advance / prior to attending a list of all workers who will be on their site each market