Well, they promised us rainstorms on Saturday … but the day turned out to be quite pleasant.  Not as many stalls braved the forecasts as we would like, but there was plenty to entertain & enjoy.  Just a reminder … we’re open every Saturday of the year; rain, hail or shine!  Total Fire Bans are the only things that can stop us!  See you all next week ….

The big event for December was, of course, the Twilight Market on Tuesday 16th a very windy, warm, wonderful market it was too.  Thank you to all who braved the winds to come along.  ‘Coxy’s Big Break’ crew were there filming; & Coxy & Wilbur Wilde did some busking (after paying the requisite $1 fee, of course!).  You never know who you’re going to meet at St Andrews Market.

Other news is the world-famous St Andrews Market is now even more famous!  Two of our regular visitors; Jo Skuse & Arrayah Loynd, love the market so much they’ve written a book about us; Meet me at Market.  Look under About us on the tab above.

St Andrews Market is open every Saturday from 8am – 2pm except on days of “Total Fire Ban” in the Central District area.  (Central District includes Melbourne; so if there’s a fire ban for Melbourne, there’s one for the market too.)