The BIG EVENT of the month was, of course, the Twilight Market on Tuesday 16th a very windy, warm, wonderful market it was too.  Thank you to all who braved the winds to come along.  ‘Coxy’s Big Break’ crew were there filming; & Coxy & Wilbur Wilde did some busking (after paying the requisite $1 fee, of course!).  You never know who you’re going to meet at St Andrews Market

Market is open right across Christmas & into the New Year – 20th, 27th December & 3rd January.

Other news is the world-famous St Andrews Market is going to be even more famous!  Two of our regular visitors; Jo Skuse & Arrayah Loynd, love the market so much they’ve written a book about us; Meet me at Market.  Look under About us on the tab above.

St Andrews Market is open every Saturday from 8am – 2pm except on days of “Total Fire Ban” in the Central District area.  (Central District includes Melbourne; so if there’s a fire ban for Melbourne, there’s one for the market too.)